Monday, October 15, 2012

eLearning: As Defined by Lexi

Appletree Virtual classroom. (2010) World.  
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There have been several definitions of eLearning throughout the years as the market has changed with innovation and new ideas. According to Lynch and Roecker, eLearning is “an innovative approach for delivering well designed, learner-centered, interactive, and facilitated learning environment to anyone, any place, anytime…” From this definition and the readings, I have developed my own definition that is more palatable to me which is; eLearning is a platform where students from anywhere in the world can convene and learn in the same digital classroom at their convenience. I think the key terms, no matter how the definition is worded, are convenience because students are able to learn at their own place, and anywhere because students to have to be in the same geographical location to take part in the class.

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